Today Heights Build Tech is known to be one of the leading names in ALIGARH real estate development. Committed to total customer-satisfaction, we stand for luxury lifestyle and quality in real estate development. Our work has time and again impressed both design critics and architecture academicians and the quality of our construction has enabled us to win the hearts of our clients. MISSION We wish to create inspiring and wondrous architectural structures by balancing contemporary and classical art, state-of-the-art technology, inherently solid ethical levels, and transparency.

We Make A Happy World.

Mid Emerald 100.sq.yard

"Payment Plan For Mid Emerald (100. sq.yard)"


Mid Emerald 

"Payment Plan For Mid Emerald Square     (203.sq.yard)"


Emerald Green 100.sq.yard

"Payment Plan For Mid Emerald Green   (100. sq.yard)"


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